Notion AI Review 2024: Boost Your Productivity and Creativity in Minutes

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Notion AI Review 2024: Boost Your Productivity and Creativity in Minutes

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In the modern working world, it is becoming increasingly important to work in a structured and organized manner. There are many tools that you can use to increase your productivity. These tools automate tasks, for example, and support you in planning and implementing projects. Notion* is one of these tools. Notion offers several benefits that can enhance your workflow. Notion increases your productivity from day one. It combines the functions of a note-taking app, a document editor, a project management tool, and a database. In this article, we will show you some AI features of Notion. AI will enable you to carry out your tasks faster and more efficiently in the future.

What is Notion AI?

Notion AI* is a new feature that helps you write and create content using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can support you with several tasks.

AI Features of Notion

Notion now offers several AI functions. We can divide them into the following categories.

  • Write with AI: This category includes a feature called ‘Continue writing’. This feature is useful if you don’t know exactly how to continue writing.

  • Generate from page: In this category, you will find, for example, functions for summarizing or translating texts.

  • Edit or review page: The features of this category help you to improve your writing. For example: Fix spelling and grammar, change tone, or simplify your language.

  • Draft with AI: The AI can help you to write whole Social Media or Blog Posts about a specific topic. This is a game changer in Content generation.

  • Insert AI blocks: You can also insert AI blocks. AI blocks are predefined instructions that you can execute later. These blocks are useful for Notion templates.

Below, you can see Notion AI in action. It’s very simple to use. Tap ‘space’ to open the AI.

Current AI features of Notion (Gif by authors)

Current AI features of Notion (GIF by authors)

Current limitations of Notion AI

Notion AI’s results are limited. Be aware that the results can also be wrong. AI is an active area of research.

This results in the following consequences:

  • Output of incorrect information is possible.

  • Output of harmful content when prompted.

  • May not be aware of recent events over the last 6–12 months and may output inaccurate or outdated results.

  • May output biased answers.

Computer programs that use artificial intelligence and machine learning can perform certain tasks better and better over time. That also applies to Notion AI*. Its features will be improved over the coming months. If you notice that Notion AI is giving incorrect answers, you can use the 👍🏽 and 👎🏽 buttons in your Notion workspace to let the engineers know.

Let’s look at some examples.

Brainstorm ideas

Brainstorming sessions often take place in the modern working world. Now, it is also possible to be supported by AI. Take a look at the amazing results in our example.

Brainstorm ideas on Bitcoin (Gif by authors)

Brainstorm ideas on Bitcoin (GIF by authors)

In our example, we used Notion AI as a brainstorming partner to generate ideas about Bitcoin. And the results are really impressive!

This function has the potential to revolutionize brainstorming from the ground up. Use this function the next time you need a brainstorming partner. Sign up now and try it out*.

Write a rough draft

Notion AI can also generate whole Posts for you. This function will fundamentally change the world of content creators. Posts for Social Media or Blog Posts can now be created much faster. But remember, AI can also generate wrong information. It’s only a draft. For this reason, you must always check the results.

Social Media Post

Let’s say you want to publish a Social Media Post about Bitcoin. Then, you could give the AI the following instructions.

Create a social media post (Gif by authors)

Create a social media post (GIF by authors)

The AI generates a post about Bitcoin for you. Now you have a first draft. You can now adapt and finalize this draft.

This function also enables self-employed people and small companies with a small marketing budget to regularly create content for Social Media. That is good news.

Be one of the first to use AI for social media marketing. Take your chance and try out this feature* today.

Blog Post

You can also generate an entire Blog Post. That’s magic. Take a look at our example. We enter the prompt: Write a blog post about Bitcoin.

Create a blog post (GIF by authors)

It’s really impressive how quickly the AI can generate an entire blog post. You can get a first draft of a blog post in just a few seconds.

📖 Explore our premium blog articles

Explore our premium blog articles

Summarize existing content

Another great feature of Notion AI is the summarizing feature. We’ve all been there: we’re sitting in front of a long text and don’t have time to read the whole text. With AI, it is now possible to generate a compact summary of a text. In the following example, we summarize the Bitcoin blog post generated above.

Summarize existing content (Gif by authors)

Summarize existing content (GIF by authors)

This feature saves you time and increases your productivity.

Translate content

Language barriers are now a thing of the past. AI makes it possible to translate text into different languages in seconds. Notion also offers a “Translate” feature. In our example, we translate the Bitcoin blog post into German.

Translate a whole blog post (Gif by authors)

Translate a whole blog post (GIF by authors)

Impressive! Notion offers you a lot of AI features. We have found that we have become much more productive and creative with Notion AI*.


Artificial intelligence is changing the world by storm. Companies need to integrate AI into their processes, otherwise, they will be left behind. Notion demonstrates in an impressive way how AI can support us in various daily tasks. Start using AI tools today! You should always ask yourself the question: Can AI do this for me? If yes, use AI to your advantage.

Try Notion today to take your productivity to a whole new level!*

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