ElevenLabs Review: Turn your words into any language

Advance your content production through ElevenLabs - a service that makes language boundaries disappear!

ElevenLabs Review: Turn your words into any language

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This tool changes your content game! Have you ever dreamed what it would be like if you could speak all languages overnight? It’s not just a dream — it’s reality! ElevenLabs* makes it possible. ElevenLabs is a platform that uses advanced AI to generate realistic speech. And yes, it sounds really realistic! You can unleash the power of your voice in minutes. It is a game-changer in AI voice technology!

Today, we look at the features of “Speech Synthesis” and “Dubbing”. The Speech Synthesis feature allows you to create realistic and captivating speech in a variety of languages from a text or an audio file. In this context, Speech Synthesis provides two tasks: Text to Speech and Speech to Speech.

At the end of the article, we look at the feature Dubbing. That is mind-blowing! It eliminates language barriers. Imagine being able to translate the audio track of your videos into any language in the world. That’s exactly what you can do with this feature. In this article, we’ll demonstrate the function using a practical example.

Let’s dive in!

Try ElevenLabs for free

If you would like to test ElevenLabs for free, you can do this by clicking the following link*:

You get the following benefits:

  • ~10 audio minutes per month for free

  • Translate content in 29 languages

  • Create your own synthetic voices

  • Access to the ElevenLabs API

Speech Synthesis

Text to Speech

This function converts text into lifelike speech using a voice of your choice. You can choose from a variety of premade voices or generate your own voice. Let’s generate our own voice together!

There are different options to create your own voice. You can design a new voice by adjusting different voice parameters. Each voice generated is unique and entirely random, even when using identical settings.

In addition, you have the option to clone a voice from a clean sample recording. The samples must contain a single speaker, extend beyond 1 minute in duration, and be free of background noise.

Another option is to choose a voice from the community library. In this article, we create a voice with the voice design option. And that is very easy. You have the following setting options.

VoiceLab: Generate voice (Screenshot by authors)

VoiceLab: Generate voice (Screenshot by authors)

First, you can choose whether the voice should be male or female. Then, you can choose the approximate age of the voice (Young, Middle Aged, Old). In addition, you can choose the accent (American, British, African, Australien, Indian) and how strong the accent should be. Ultimately, you have the option to specify a sample text that the AI voice will articulate as an audio sample.

After you have made your settings, you can click on Generate. Then, the tool generates a voice based on your settings. When you are happy with the voice, click on Use voice. Then, you can give the voice a name and a description. Congratulations, you have created a voice.

Next, you have the ability to produce an audio track in any language using this human-like voice from a given text. Let’s explore this further.

Speech Synthesis: Text to Speech (Screenshot by authors)

Speech Synthesis: Text to Speech (Screenshot by authors)

First, we choose the option Text to Speech. Then, we select our generated voice. Under Voice Settings, you can set how stable and clear the voice should be. It’s best to play around with this.

Under the last item in the Settings section, you can select the AI model. We chose the model “Eleven Multilingual v2”. The model supports 29 languages. You can see the supported languages in the following screenshot.

Eleven Multilingual v2: Supported languages (Screenshot by authors)

Eleven Multilingual v2: Supported languages (Screenshot by authors)

Finally, you can enter a text in any language and click Generate. The model generates an audio file with the selected voice. You can then download the audio file. If you produce videos and don’t want to speak the audio track yourself, you can use ElevenLabs*. Simply generate an audio track from your scripts. And best of all, it works for all supported languages!

Next, we look at the feature Speech to Speech.

Speech to Speech

The Speech to Speech functionality is similar to the Text to Speech feature. Instead of entering text, you upload an audio file. The model creates a new audio file by combining the style and content of your uploaded audio file. The model uses the voice of your choice for the new audio file.

In the following, you can see the UI for the Speech to Speech functionality.

Speech Synthesis: Speech to Speech (Screenshot by authors)

Speech Synthesis: Speech to Speech (Screenshot by authors)

However, the functionality is currently only available in English. But more languages are sure to follow soon.

The Speech Synthesis feature works really well. We were amazed at how human-like the voices sounded. It’s best to try out Speech Synthesis* right now.

Next, we’ll look at a feature that allows you to translate your videos and audio files into any language. Amazing!

📖 Explore our premium blog articles

Explore our premium blog articles


This feature has flashed us! With this feature, you can translate the audio tracks of your videos into almost any language. Goodbye, language barriers.

Let’s see how well that works.

Dubbing: Create a Dub (Screenshot by authors)

Dubbing: Create a Dub (Screenshot by authors)

First, you can give your project a name. Then, you can select the source language and the target language. Next, you can upload your video or audio or provide a link. Let’s test it!

We tested the function with one of our YouTube videos. In this video, we talk about our Tesla investment in German.

Here’s the original video / audio track:

Then, we dubbed the video into English. Here is the result:

Impressive! Or what do you think?

The feature works particularly well with faceless video! If you have a lot of videos and want to offer them in more languages, ElevenLabs* is the tool of choice!

With ElevenLabs, you’re ready to break down language barriers like never before!

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